Upcoming Feature Releases

Here's a taster of what new features and improvements we've got planned over the next couple of months and beyond.

Please note that the list of features and target delivery dates is subject to change at any time without notice.

Multiday Jobs

Create Jobs that go across multiple days where you require the same person. Crew apply just once from the Job board.

Crew Data Management

This big update will allow clients to select what data they want to collect from Crew during the application phase and once approved.

Workforce Management

Improvements to how Crew are approved, suspended and deleted – including default emails and more control over what is sent.

Promote Roles to Crew who match all requirements

Option to make specific Roles visible to only those crew that match all requirements.

Admin ability to edit Roles, Skills and Departments

Admins will be able to manually amend Roles, Skills and Departments that crew have selected.

Validation and expiry dates

Validate Roles, Skills, Age, Attributes and work visa/identity docs. Admins and crew will get notifications when items are due to expire.

Add 'Areas' to Roles

As an admin, a lot of crew that works at the same location will work in different areas within that location. Admins will be able to log what 'area' crew are assigned to within a location.

Platform reporting

Create custom reports using Workforce and Job data and download in CSV format for further analysis, eg. 'estimated vs actual salaries', 'number of cancellations during the past 3-months'.

We Want Your Feedback 👍

We are eager to have feedback from our clients on what we're planning to do or something you'd like to see. We're happy to show you the latest designs and talk you through new functionality before it's made live. Without customer feedback, it's impossible to build a good product. Please contact the support team if you're interested in knowing more.