Shared Multi Day Job data

When you create a Multi Day Job, some of the Jobs' data is the same, while other data can differ on each instance. Here's a list of what is shared and what can be changed on each instance.

Shared Data

The following data is the same across all instances of a Multi Day Job:

  • Settings
    • Internal Job Title
    • Primary Contact
    • Colour
  • Role Details
    • Role Type
    • The number of required Crew
    • Requirements
    • Application request
    • Display on Job Board / Reserve List
  • Job Ad
    • Headline
    • Job Description
    • Image
    • Post-approval info and attachments
  • Labels
    • Client name
    • PO numbers

Data That Is Not Shared

The following data can be changed for each instance:

  • Location
    • Shortname
    • Address
  • Role Details
    • Date
    • Start/End time
    • Fee type
    • Break period
    • Subsistence
    • Role description