Creating a Multi Day Job


1. Create a Job like normal

Step 1 image

2. Select the Job Card by clicking in the top section

Step 2 image

3. Click the Copy button in the toolbar

Step 3 image

4. Select a date to add your first linked Job

Step 4 image

5. Click Paste Linked Job button in the toolbar.

Note, this is the button next to the normal Paste button.

Step 5 image

6. A linked Job is created.

Step 6 image

7. Linked Jobs are indicated by the link icon and the sequence number shown at the top of the Job Card

Step 7 image

8. The colour of linked Jobs is always the same.

Step 8 image

9. Select multiple dates to add multiple linked Jobs

Step 9 image

10. Once selected, click the Paste linked Job button in the toolbar

Step 10 image

11. New linked Jobs are added.

Step 11 image

12. You can also paste linked Jobs into the same date.

Step 12 image

13. Once you're done creating your linked Jobs, remember to Publish your Jobs to put them live.

Step 13 image

14. That's it. You're done.

Step 14 image